Accepted Papers

We’re happy to announce the following list of papers accepted for presentation at FMICS:

  • Davide Basile, Maurice H. ter Beek, Alessio Ferrari and Axel Legay: Modelling and Analysing ERTMS L3 Moving Block Railway Signalling with Simulink and Uppaal SMC
  • Yuvaraj Selvaraj, Wolfgang Ahrendt and Martin Fabian: Verification of Decision Making Software in an Autonomous Vehicle: An Industrial Case Study
  • Philipp Berger, Johanna Nellen, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Erika Abraham, Md Tawhid Bin Waez and Thomas Rambow: Multiple Analyses, Requirements Once: simplifying testing & verification in automotive model-based development
  • Mark Bouwman, Bob Janssen and Bas Luttik: Formal Modelling and Verification of an Interlocking using mCRL2
  • Matthias Volk, Norman Weik, Joost-Pieter Katoen and Nils Nießen: A DFT Modeling Approach for Infrastructure Reliability Analysis of Railway Station Areas
  • Akram Idani, Yves Ledru, Abderrahim Ait Wakrime, Simon Collart-Dutilleul and Rahma Ben Ayed: Incremental development of safety critical systems combining formal methods and DSMLs
  • Petr Ročkai and Jiri Barnat: A Simulator for LLVM Bitcode
  • Benjamin Lewis, Arnd Hartmanns, Prabal Basu, Rajesh Jayashankara Shridevi, Koushik Chakraborty, Sanghamitra Roy and Zhen Zhang: Probabilistic Verification for Reliable Network-on-Chip System Design
  • Martijn Goorden, Joanna van de Mortel-Fronczak, Michel Reniers, Wan Fokkink and Jacobus Rooda: The Impact of Requirement Splitting on the Efficiency of Supervisory Control Synthesis